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                                                                   ARTIST STATEMENT: Emotion is at the core of my practice as an artist. No                                                                         matter the subject or the style, it is my feelings that guide the medium. My                                                                       artistic pursuit began as a photographer and a painter in my teens. I was                                                                           surrounded by other artists; dancers, musicians, writers, actors, and studio                                                                       artists alike. We were all learning our respective crafts, and the teenage                                                                             emotion was electric. 

                                                                   I attended a 4 year art college. As an art history/studio art major, I was taught how to truly see through intense observation and study: shape, form, line, color, and medium. After college I became a full time painter. I taught myself about the endless possibilities of color. I mixed and mixed, like a chemist in a lab, creating my own color charts. 

My paintings are drawn from memory, and it is emotion that creates them. Nature, my experience and feelings when in it, are the foundation of all my work. The natural world brings my emotions to the surface!

BIOGRAPHY: Phoebe Dean was born in Boston Mass. She attended Wykeham Rise in Washington, CT, an all girls boarding school solely focused on the arts. She then attended the University of Chicago for two years, at which point she transferred to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. She graduated with a BA in Art History/Studio Arts. Since then she has taken graduate level courses at the Silvermine School in New Canaan, CT, The Armory in West Palm Beach, FL, and Old School Square in Del Ray Beach, FL. Her career as an artist spans a 40 year period in NY, Ma, and FL. She has a national reputation as an accomplished artist and a roster of private collectors from all over the globe. 

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